• 1ch Passive Audio UTP Transceiver

UTP Transceiver


  1. Power: no power required , simplified project wiring;
  2. Transmission effect: plug & play, real-time transmition of high quality mono audio signal;
  3. Distance: 0 to 300m (transmission of 1V audio signal), 0 to 1500m (transmission of 6V audio signal);
  4. Main function: Transmit mono audio signal with one pair of twisted pairs synchronously;
  5. Anti-interference: Isolate interference rejection prevent thunderstruck and static electricity;
  6. Structure Description: ABS plastic outer shell, colored transmitting and receiving logos, extended coaxial cable, suitable for intensive engineering project; 
  7.  Installation: push-terminal grounding, easy installation.

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1ch Passive Audio UTP Transceiver

  • Brand: UTEPO
  • Product Code: UTP101PA
  • Availability: 10000