• SFP Optical Module, 1.25G Single Optical Fiber 20km




  1.  Use SFP packaging form, LC connector, support SFF8472 standard;
  2. Support hot plug;
  3. Transmitter use1310nm FP laser and 1550PIN-TIA;  Receiver use 1550nm FP laser and1310nm PIN-TIA;
  4. The data transmission distance of single mode optical fiber can up to 20 km;
  5. Data input and output ports are comply with the low voltage emitter coupled logic (LVPECL) standard;
  6. Low electromagnetic interference to the environment, strong ESD protection;
  7. Meet IEC-60825 laser safety standard;
  8. Meet RoHS standard.

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SFP Optical Module, 1.25G Single Optical Fiber 20km

  • Brand: UTEPO
  • Product Code: UOF2201BS-T20KM / UOF2201BS-R20KM
  • Availability: 10000