• G5 Indoor Monitor

G5 Indoor Monitor


For TCP/IP Digital System

  •  Used TCP/IP protocol base on existing LAN, no need to configure with extra devices and accessories, no distance limitation
  • Used the digital compression technology to ensure quality sound and imagePowerful functions:
  • Integrate the functions of building intercom, message announcement, home management, security alarm, information services and more
  • Audio/video intercom between each indoor monitor
  • Multimedia playing such as MP3, AVI film and photo-frame with SD card
  • 20 pieces image record from outdoor panel
  • Message receiving from the management center
  • Setting the scene (at home, out, sleep, party and more) with smart home module
  • Easy installation, use international standard RJ 45
  • Easy maintenance: automatic fault detection, greatly reduce the labor cost

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G5 Indoor Monitor

  • Brand: Future Eye
  • Product Code: FE-I2 Indoor monitor
  • Availability: 10000