• 302-Villa System

302-Villa System


  • Every household can configure 1-2stations and 1-6 indoor phones (4wires)/1-3 indoor phones (2 wires).
  • Indoor phone can unlock the door.
  • Indoor phone can fulfll internal calling and speaking with eeach other.
  • Pin-hole and ordinary camera in outdoor station for option.
  • Outdoor station with metallic material,waterproof,vandal-resistance,fashionable and nice.
  • Outdoor station is installed with infraren night vision CCD and automatic back-light compensation.
  • Indoor phone can monitor the entrance,the image brightness and contrast is adjustable.
  • Super compatibility,all video indoor phones with same system is optional.
  • Long connection distance:50-80 meters with CAT5 cable.
  • Input the password to unlock the door(C3K)
  • Use the ID/CD card to unlock the door(C3C)

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302-Villa System

  • Brand: Future Eye
  • Product Code: FE-302
  • Availability: 10000