602-Super Apartment

Super apartment intercom systems are very much useful for safety as well as for security purpose. Our company which is dealers of super apartment intercom systems in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad has sales all over India. The super apartment intercom systems are made using latest technology and it has many features which makes it a must. It has lcd / led screen which displays crystal clear images and displays messages. The sound is also perfect and there is a basic alarm system which makes it good for safety purpose. There is a feature of unlocking the door from the indoors. The outdoor station has facility which has views of the entrance and each and every movement is monitored. Since we are super apartment intercom manufacturers in Chennai we are able to sell the product all over India at lower cost and this gives the opportunity to the local dealers to have margin and sell it to the retailers. For product details in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and all over India do give us a call at the given number.